Black Lives Matter

The AIGA Pittsburgh Board acknowledges that on many levels of our organization, including our own chapter, the Black design community has been largely silenced and underrepresented. We stand with our friends, coworkers, and fellow designers in the Black community and against injustice, systemic racism, and oppression. We commit to incorporating new ideas, thinking, and policy to move us toward greater equity, inclusion, and social justice.

The AIGA Pittsburgh Board of Directors is issuing an open invitation to anyone who is also committed to this growth to join us in the work ahead in hopes of increasing the true representation of diverse experiences in the Pittsburgh chapter. Please reach out to The board is eager to listen, learn, and do what it takes to educate ourselves about how we have contributed to the current lack of inclusion in our AIGA chapter.

If you have any suggestions, critiques, concerns, or ideas moving forward, we are listening. We look forward to collaborating and designing a vibrant, strong, and diverse professional community during the years to come.

We are making this statement and taking additional actions as a pledge to you and our community. All of our work will prominently represent the values stated here. Our efforts are continuous, long-term, and go beyond viral social media. We are unwavering and hold ourselves accountable. Please continue to keep us and each other accountable as we move forward.  

– The Pittsburgh AIGA Board of Directors