Board Update December ’20 & January ’21

In efforts to be more transparent and better represent our community, we would like to share our board meeting notes each month. In hopes with anyone who is interested can get involved, share critiques, state concerns, and more.

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This board update is the update for December 2020 and January 2021.

Executive Board Nominations
Discussion about the process for the upcoming executive board nominations.

  • Based on a past board decision, the current executive officers extended their current term for an extra six months to assist with the AIGA National conference 
  • Lindsay and Jason will step down from their executive positions and the board after the new vote.
  • Jon will also be stepping down from the board after the new vote. 
  • Nominations for new executive officers will be open until January 25th with the board vote during the February meeting. All four executive roles are open: President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.
  • Directors can nominate other directors or self nominate. Nominees can be nominated for multiple roles.
  • Nominees will accept nominations before February 1st
  • If any roles cannot be filled, the rest of the executive board will share the responsibility until the role can be filled

Reflection and Goals for 2021
Board members ended the year with an activity to reflect on the year and 2021 started with a discussion about events.

  • The directors answered open ended questions about the current state of the board and individuals defined basic goals
  • Kyuha shared his thoughts of a job/career fair for students. The rest of the board shared input and feedback to help start the event planning. 
  • Laurel is wanting to do more sessions of Design Talk
  • Erin is interested in bringing back Mentor Mashup
  • Emily is interested in continuing her D&I efforts and wanting to bring back Designer Dialogues.

Recruitment Strategy
Updates shared on the development of board recruitment.

  • Laurel shared a document outlining ideas for the overall strategy for board recruitment
  • Document includes notes about how we are currently recruiting and our ideal way to recruit
  • Notes about how we are communicating to our community and what content is being produced about recruitment
  • Idea is to follow this outline for the next year to help grow the board