Board Update February 2021

In efforts to be more transparent and better represent our community, we would like to share our board meeting notes each month. In hopes with anyone who is interested can get involved, share critiques, state concerns, and more.

Please reach out to us on social media or email at

Design Talk 2021
Laurel presented a proposal to continue the Design Talk event series into 2021.

  • Format of event will be the same
  • Event will occur every other month
  • Interested in trying donations accepted but event will still be free
  • Considering giveaway to event attendees
  • Amanda Gorman, TED Talk will be first topic on March 3rd

Motion Jon and Jason Second. No Nays or abstentions. All Yays.
Event proposal approved!

Justin Dauer Virtual Speaking Event
Emily presented a proposal for a speaker event/speaker series. Justin’s team reached out to us to see if we would be interested in hosting a talk with him. 

  • All items in the proposal have not been run by the speaker. Dates and structure are open
  • Two different speaking topics are available. Emily chose “Humility is the designer’s most essential trait”
  • Interested in adding an interactive portion to talk with a Q&A or discussion breakout rooms. This structure can be used as event series
  • Considering giveaway with his recent released book
  • Details about Zoom setup and how many tickets still need to be decided

Laurel Motion to Vote. Erin Second. No abstentions. No Nays. All Yays!
Event proposal approved!

Student Confluence Event
Q presented his proposal for an AIGA version of a student Confluence event. 

  • Virtual event where students can post their work and have a chance to speak with professionals
  • Similar to CMU’s Confluence event but would like an interactive portion to it whether with a keynote speaker, workshops or other
  • Few different options available for web platforms to host/display work
  • Many different options to structure/schedule and format
  • Fonteva is available to setup sessions and each session can be cap with different topics or employers
  • Might consider naming it something else.Can brainstorm on names.
  • Q to reach out to Education Committee for help

Emily to vote. Erin to Second. Abstentions no, no nays, all yays. 
Event proposal approved!

Priority List Update
Recruitment Update

  • All positions are posted on website
  • Erin is working on listing positions on LinkedIn
  • Laurel and Mark have been creating templates and images for social
  • Mark exploring video/gif layouts and templates

Resource Event
Event with CoCoHaus is currently on hold

  • Event with CoCoHaus is currently on hold


  • Lindsay interested to help with this effort
  • Practical item as a resource for when you join the board

Open Mic

  • Transition of board. Last meeting for Lindsay, Jason, and Jon
  • Sydney is rolling off the board as well 
  • Considering volunteer from outside the Pittsburgh area

Executive Board Nominations and Vote

  • Nominations were submitted for all four roles but only the nominations for President and Vice President were accepted
  • For the time being Secretary and Treasurer roles will be open
  • Mark to step down from Treasurer role 
  • Emily wanting to submit an additional nomination for Secretary. Will submit after meeting, if nomination accepted will vote during next meeting
  • Laurel accepted nomination for President
  • Emily accepted nomination for Vice President

Board voted for both Laurel and Emily for new roles