Board Update: July 2020

In efforts to be more transparent and better represent our community, we would like to share our board meeting notes each month. In hopes with anyone who is interested can get involved, share critiques, state concerns, and more.

Please reach out to us on social media or email at

All board members in attendance.

Board Response to AIGA National’s D&I Action Plan:
All AIGA chapters questioned and challenged AIGA National’s diversity and inclusion practices, policies, accountability, and transparency as an organization. National responded with a detailed action plan for new initiatives and practices. Action plan was written after town halls and listening sessions with National and chapter leaders. 

  • Initially wanted to write a letter
  • National wrote an action plan
  • Want to send a response to National with comments and questions
  • Board reviewed draft response and added items
  • Ex: Can National articulate initial thoughts of what the new community based model is? How can National improve costs for students? Are there supposed to be financial goals for each chapter? What is happening with the Pittsburgh conference and what does the future for conferences look like?
  • Board approved response with changes discussed
  • Lindsay will send an email including the board’s response to National’s Executive Director, Board President, and Chapter Advisory Council. 

D&I Workshop for the Board:
The D&I Committee presented details to the board about participating in a workshop about diversity and inclusion to help us deepen our knowledge and how to become better allies. 

  • Training workshop would be with Jacinda Walker, Founder and Creative Director of designExplorr. Formerly served as the chair for AIGA’s Diversity & Inclusion Task Force.
  • Training would include education, activation, and implementation. What does D&I mean to us and what goals/ideas do we choose and implement for our local community?
  • Hold a follow-up session with Jacinda to check in on our progress
  • Board to pay for her services, and any travel expenses (if travel is required)
  • Decision to include committee members if members want to participate
  • Need to schedule date and figure out if workshop can be in person or if it needs to be virtual
  • Board voted to approve workshop
  • Emily to finalize details with Jacinda

D&I Priorities for Future:
Board discussion of action items, plans, and events. Discussion included board member responsibility and priorities.  

  • Lindsay created Google doc including action list with dates
  • Items include: Sending feedback to National, D&I workshop, website redesign, social media campaigns, board handbook and bylaws, Get Out The Vote (GOTV), community workshops, and recruitment strategy 
  • Board approved priorities and timeline

Website Redesign:
Board discussion of website redesign for the chapter.

  • Sydney and Laurel presented past progress and ideas for the site
  • Google doc created for board members to list our ideas
  • Sydney and Laurel to lead with website development and updates
  • Rest of the board to help with writing content
  • Reach out to community to find assistance with content editing
  • Ex. updates: revised mission statement, page dedicated to committees, clearer volunteer information, adding policies page