Board Update October 2020

In efforts to be more transparent and better represent our community, we would like to share our board meeting notes each month. In hopes with anyone who is interested can get involved, share critiques, state concerns, and more.

Please reach out to us on social media or email at

Not in attendance for this month’s meeting: Michael, Sydney, and Sarah

Event Recap
Laurel presented an event recap of “And She Could Be Next” Virtual Screening.

  • Event was a great concept, should screen more films in the future
  • POV was a great resource and partner for the event
  • Many volunteers help with different parts of the event including event imagery, co-hosting, and Zoom test run
  • AIGA National promoted the event through a GOTV newsletter
  • High interest in the event but low event attendance
  • Could follow up with survey to ask questions from attendees and non attendees

Board Update
Lindsay shared announcements and updates about the board. Discussion finished with board recruitment strategy. 

  • Sarah will be stepping down from her role as Education Co-Director for she has accepted a new role at WLU. She would like to be a part of the Education Committee
  • Education Co-Director and Education Committee Members are included in the roles we are recruiting for
  • Would like to include educators as a part of our education team
  • Erin Zima has been nominated for the Communications Co-Director position. Her role would be responsible for managing and writing for the newsletter and our Linkedin profile
  • Erin has been involved with the board through the D&I Committee
  • Board voted to have Erin officially join the board. Jason motion to vote. Jon second to vote. No nays, no abstentions
  • Erin will also be attending the upcoming Leadership Retreat presented by AIGA National
  • Apara Sharma will be joining the Communications Committee and be helping with our social media content creation
  • We need to continue the effort to recruit board members and committee members which includes updating the website with roles and social media content
  • Laurel and Mark to work together to plan social media ideas
  • Ask any connections if they know of anyone with interest

Leadership Retreat
Lindsay shared updates about the upcoming Leadership Retreat and a board discussion about what sessions they have attended so far.

  • National Leadership Retreat is virtual this year with different trainings and events spread out across 4 days
  • Sessions so far have been very informative
  • All sessions will be recorded if we cannot attend live sessions. Some sessions during the work day

Action Items Review
Board discussion around progress of action items and adjustment of priorities.

  • Website content not being created during the original timeline. What can we do to fix this? Can we work on content together as a group?
  • Laurel and Mark to focus on a recruitment strategy including social media, newsletter, and blog
  • Jon to help finish Onboarding/Welcoming kit to help with the onboarding of new volunteers to the board
  • Jason to help Emily with the planning of future Resource Events

Open Mic
Board ended the meeting with a discussion of non-agenda items.

  • National reached out to about conference t-shirts. We can take about 100 t-shirts and use them as giveaways and suggest donating the rest.
  • National is hosting virtual local events during the Conference with Fallingwater, The Warhol, and The Heinz History Center
  • Need to reschedule next month’s board meeting