Call for Board Nominations

Call for Nominations
2013-2015 Board of Directors – AIGA Pittsburgh

Are you ready to drive the future of design in Pittsburgh?
The 2013-2015 term is an exciting time to get involved! You will help lead AIGA Pittsburgh into its 25-year anniversary and be part of the centennial year celebration of AIGA, the oldest professional design association in the United States. (Did you know AIGA was founded in 1914?) The Board of Directors is made up of passionate volunteers. Our chapter is as strong as the individuals who are involved—and with a committed and creative Board of Directors, we can achieve great things.

The Job
The Board of Directors meets in person, monthly, to communicate, strategize, plan events and manage other initiatives of our chapter. They are a talented group who develops ways to bring value to our members by providing great programs, events and resources to the Pittsburgh design community. There are 5 areas of focus of the chapter: Membership, Partnership, Communication, Programming, and Education. No matter where your interests lie, we can find a place for you and your passion.

The Perks
Serving on the Board of Directors is the perfect way to be hands on with the planning and strategic direction of our chapter. It’s also a fun way to connect with local and bigwig designers and make connections with other local organizations. Additionally, you’ll gain free admission to a majority of AIGA Pittsburgh events. Your time spent as a Director will give you a professional enrichment knowing that you helped further the design community in Pittsburgh.

Important Dates
June 21th – Last day to submit nomination
June 28th – Nomination slate will be emailed to membership for approval
July 9th – Annual Open Board Meeting
July 12th – 2013-2015 Board of Directors will be introduced

The Specifics

All Director Responsibilities
Director positions are open to anyone, as long as you are able to meet the following requirements. There are several positions open for nominations, each with specific responsibilities. All Directors must commit to:

Serving a two-year term
AIGA membership at the Sustaining Level (throughout the duration of your term)
Attend monthly Director meetings and local chapter events
A voice for AIGA Pittsburgh and help spread the word about our events and projects
Passion and ambition to move your team and chapter forward

Events/Programming Director
The Programming Director and Team creates a calendar of events to stimulate, connect and inspire the creative community. Responsibilities include:
Identifying potential themes or topics and produce and maintain the annual calendar of events;
Event planning and logistics;
Coordinating with the Communications Team to promote the events
Coordinating with the Partnership Team to secure necessary sponsorship for events

Events/Programming Coordinator
The Events Coordinator is responsible for planning and managing key Chapter events. He/she works closely with the Programming Director and the Executive Board in all decisions regarding scheduling, budget and upholding the mission of AIGA.

Membership Director
The Membership Director represents, builds, and maintains a community of creative individuals within Pittsburgh. Responsibilities include:
Reviewing the membership list and have knowledge of new, lapsed and renewed memberships
Develop and implement member recruitment strategies develop and implement member retention strategies
Oversee membership table events and provide resources to attendees

Website / Interactive Coordinator
The Website / Interactive Coordinator is responsible for the direction of the website. He/she will work with the national office in regards to the hosting of the local site and works with the Programming Team and each board member as a liaison for information to be added as content to the web.

The Director-at-large positions are option for individuals who want to commit at the Director level, but are not quite sure in which area they best fit. Let us know your skills and interests and we will find a place for you and your passion. Specialties to consider:
Do you enjoy fundraising? Writing/editing? Event planning? Community outreach projects?
Have you been on a non-profit board before? Can you bring experience to the table?
Do you have a specific skill or interest that would be useful to the chapter?
Do you have connections with vendors or city organizations that might be useful to the chapter?

There are two ways to be nominated for AIGA Pittsburgh board positions:
Peer: Anyone who feels a particular individual will enhance the quality of leadership of the board may nominate that person.
Self: Anyone willing to participate and to fulfill the obligations of the open executive positions may self-nominate. The nominee need not be a member at the time of nomination, but will be required to join AIGA if elected to a board position.

Open nominations for board positions will run until June 21. Once nominees are confirmed, a ballot will be presented to members for voting by June 28.

Please submit your nominations by June 21 to Doris Short at using the subject line: “Nomination to AIGA Pittsburgh Board.” Please include the nominee’s name, position(s) of interest in and complete contact information. Please also use this email for any further questions.

Not ready for a full board position?
Become a volunteer! It’s an excellent way to show your support, network with your peers, improve your organizational skills and help make an impact in the community. Please contact Jon Brentzel at to get involved.
Committee/Advisory these super-volunteers are the Board’s task-force. Committees will meet with their Directors often and are not required to attend the formal board meetings. Committee members are all about getting things done. It’s a one-year commitment, and AIGA membership is not required (but it is highly encouraged). If you’re a go-getter and want to get involved contact Doris Short at to get involved.

Doris Short
President, AIGA Pittsburgh
AIGA | The Professional Association for Design
Phone: 412.916.0007

Anne Bemis
VP, AIGA Pittsburgh
AIGA | The Professional Association for Design